Preclinical Publications

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Lipoplatin CHUV Ris Hans-Beat manipulation of tumor blood vessels2018
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Preparation, Biodistribution and Neurotoxicity of Liposomal Cisplatin following Convection Enhanced Delivery in Normal and F98 Glioma Bearing Rats2012
Glioblastoma Treatment: Bypassing the Toxicity of Platinum Compounds by Using Liposomal Formulation and Increasing Treatment Efficiency With Concomitant Radiotherapy2012
Cellular uptake and cytoplasm / DNA distribution of cisplatin and oxaliplatin and their liposomal formulation in human colorectal cancer cell HCT1162011
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Intrapleural administration of lipoplatin in an animal model2010
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Distribution of Free and Liposomal Doxorubicin After Isolated Lung Perfusion in a Sarcoma Model2008
Activity of lipoplatin in tumor and in normal cells in vitro2008
Potential of the Akt inhibitor LY294005 to antagonize the efficacy of Cisplatin against HCT116 tumor cells in a DNA mismatch repair-dependent manner2006
MLH1-deficient tumor cells are resistant to lipoplatin, but retain sensitivity to lipoxal2005
Preclinical evaluation of a liposome-encapsulated formulation of cisplatin in clinically normal dogs2004
Low Renal Toxicity of Lipoplatin Compared to Cisplatin in Animals2004
Low toxicity and anticancer activity of a novel liposomal cisplatin (Lipoplatin) in mouse xenografts2004