Teni Boulikas

Founder of Regulon, the inventor of Lipoplatin and CEO. Teni holds a B.Sc. degree in Chemistry from the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki and a Ph.D. from the Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Texas in Biochemistry. As a EMBO postdoctoral fellow, Teni studied at the Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research in Epalinges sur Lausanne. He became Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, Head of the Laboratory of Monoclonal Antibodies at the University of Sherbrooke in Quebec. Teni then moved to the Linus Pauling Institute in Palo Alto as an Investigator and Director of the Laboratory of Molecular Carcinogenesis and later at the Institute of Molecular Medical Sciences (Palo Alto). In 1998 he founded Regulon based on a patent for the isolation of Regulatory DNA sequences (thus the name of the Company) and their cloning to express poisonous genes in specific cancers. He is also the inventor of liposomal encapsulation of cisplatin and many other drugs. He has over 80 publications. Teni’s passion is to invent new formulations to improve human health.

Tel: +30 6937 255 067
Email: teni@regulon.com

Theodoros Sazaklis MBA

joined Regulon, Inc., in 2016 as Chief Financial Officer. Before that he had a long career in Banking and Asset Management. He was a Senior Director at Eurobank Asset Management, Head of Credit and ABS Trading at Eurobank, Deputy Director of Fixed Income and Structured Products at Emporiki Investment Bank, Deputy Investment Manager and Head of Fixed Income at Intertrust Mutual Funds and Interamerican Insurance and Senior Interest Rate Dealer at Intesa SanPaolo Bank. In addition, he was a consultant to Regulon Inc. since 2011. He holds an MBA from Imperial College. He holds a BSc in Computer Science from University of Athens with Honors (highest GPA score since Department’s inception) and a BA in Economics from University of Athens.

Tel: +30 695 999 6311
Email: theos@regulon.com

Celik Hatipoglu

Senior Vice President, Business Development and Sales, He graduated from the Department of Chemical Engineering of Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey. He has worked in the pharmaceutical sector in Turkey as executive manager in various departments like Business Development, Marketing and Sales for nearly 15 years. Çelik has been a member of the Regulon team since 2015 as General Manager of Regulon Turkey and has been serving as Vice President of Business Development and Sales since September 2017.

e-mail: celik.hatipoglu@regulon.com

Dr. Kottaridis

Stavros Kottaridis, Ph.D.

Member of the BOD, Coordinator of Phase III in Greece.

He has represented Greece in all major virus strikes at a European level. He is also a member of the EOF (Greek FDA) committee on biological drugs. As a director of the Papanikolaou Research Center at Agios Savvas Anticancer Hospital in Athens for 25 years he collaborated with almost every oncologist in the country providing expertise assistance with tissue culture and a plethora of other oncology studies. This role of Stavros was decisive in recruiting oncology centers in the Phase III studies of Lipoplatin in Greece and supervising the clinical development of the drug.

E-mail: stavros.kottaridis@regulon.com

Ted Doukas

Senior VP, Business Development based in USA (December 2005). Ted is responsible for the Corporate office of Regulon in Melville, New York. A flourishing financier and real estate developer in the U.S. and abroad, Ted Doukas began his investment career in Long Island NY, where acquiring first class office, retail and residential properties throughout affluent Nassau and Suffolk Counties, he became one of the largest individual property in the area’s history. As volatility in the real estate market spread, Doukas’ abilities to develop and turnaround complex projects has led him to extensively expand his work into the beleaguered markets. Born in Greece, Doukas studied Medicine for two years at the University of Pisa in Italy before coming to the U.S. where he was educated in Business at New York Institute of Technology. Ted is recognized throughout a myriad of industries for his creative thinking and ability to profitably implement critical growth-oriented policies.

Description: Picture 10 Christina Karipi M.D

joined Regulon, Inc (USA) as a Member of Board of Directors in 2009 and Regulon AE (Greece) as a Medical Officer in 2007. Dr. Karipi has been responsible for the introduction of Lipoplatin™ at the Sotiria Pulmonary Disease Hospital in a Phase III study as first line against non-small cell lung cancer. She holds her Medical degree from the Medical School of Athens, Greece and her specialization at the 4th Clinic of the Sotiria Pulmonary Disease Hospital. She has represented Regulon in several business meetings.

Description: Picture 5 Andrei Lyne

Senior VP, Business Development

He holds a BA from Oxford University (Baker Scholarship), his MBA from NY University (Director's Fellowship). Andrei has over 10 years of experience focused on the life sciences sector. Prior to joining Regulon in 2009 he was an Executive Director in UBS Investment Bank's Global Healthcare Group, providing corporate development and financial advice to life science companies globally. At UBS, Andrei was instrumental in several dozen key client transactions, including six IPOs across the US and Europe that raised over $1.3 billion for pharmaceutical, biotech and other life science companies. He also completed over $3 billion of other equity, equity-linked and debt financing transactions and advised on many transformational M&A deals. 

Tel: +1-917-484-1315
Email: andreilyne@gmail.com

Tel: +1-917-484-1315

Description: palaiosConstantinos M. Paleos

Born in Chios, Greece, and obtained his BS in Chemistry from Athens University and his PhD from Drexel University in Philadelphia. In 1973, after three years with Amoco Chemicals and Motor Oil (Hellas), he joined the Institute of Physical Chemistry at NCSR “Demokritos”, where he was elected Director for the periods 1994-1999 and 2001-2007 while currently he is collaborating with this Institute. He was elected, in the periods 1994-1996 and 2005-2006 Vice President of Board of NCSR Demokritos. From 2002 he is consultant at Regulon, Inc. In 1991-1992 he was elected visiting professor at Louis Pasteur University, Strasbourg. His research activities focus in the area of “Nanomaterials of Supramolecular Organized Structure” including the synthesis and characterization of liquid crystals, molecular recognition of liposomal aggregates, modeling cell processes, preparation and characterization of multifunctional dendritic polymers, liposomes, drug and gene delivery systems and molecular transporters. He has published 178 original articles and reviews and his work has received over 3750 citations, (Source ISI, h-index  32).


Maria Stergoudi (Mirella), M.D.,

has graduated from the Medical School of the Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. Following a graduate program, she has worked with physicians of different expertize in central hospitals of Athens. She joined Regulon in 2010 as a Medical Officer, working intensively coordinating clinical studies, communicating with oncologists and initiating sites worldwide, preparing all necessary study reference documents (protocols, ICFs, CRFs), as well as reports for local Regulatory Authorities. Mirella acts as the link between Regulon and physicians, being always on alert to clarify issues regarding criteria of eligibility, treatment regimens, dose schemes and modifications and handling possible AEs. She has represented Regulon at the meetings with EMA and MHRA team in 2012, where dossiers for both Lipoplatin and Nanoplatin were successfully presented.

Email: mirella.stergoudi@regulon.com

Faye Lazarioti, M.D

has graduated from the Medical School of L Aquila, Italy. Specialized in Radiology (Conventional Radiology, Ultrasonography, Interventional Radiology, CT and MRI) at Evangelismos General Hospital (Athens) and in Pediatric Radiology at Paidon Pentelis Hospital (Athens). Faye joined Regulon in 2006 as a Medical Officer. With over 60 published papers and conference presentations she is working on the analysis and correlation of imaging findings with the response to Lipoplatin. In additional she is responsible for managing patient data and recruiting Oncology Centers in pancreatic, lung, breast and gastric cancer clinical studies.

E-mail: faye.lazarioti@regulon.com

Alexandros Pantos, Ph.D.

Chemistry, R&D, Production.

Alex has graduated from the Chemistry Department of the Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece and received his M.Sc and Ph.D in Drug Delivery. During his post-graduated studies he obtained EPEAEK Fellowship for MSc Studies from Athens University and Fellowship for Excellency Research - GSRT, Greece. He is an expert in preparation and characterization of drug loaded multifunctional liposomes and modified dendrimers /hyperbranched polymers for prospected applications as drug delivery systems. Alex is specialized in several nanoparticle characterization techniques including thermal analysis (ITC, microDSC). His fields of current interests also include: studies on the mechanism of adhesion and fusion of multifunctional liposomal systems resulting in formation of multicompartment systems which are model of cell interactions. He is author of many presentations and scientific publications in several high impact journals in the field of Nanotechnology such as: Langmuir, ChemMedChem, BBA, Accounts in Chemical Research.  He joined Regulon in 2005 as a Senior Project Chemist and since 2010 is responsible for the Quality Control of Regulon’s products.

Email: alexandros@regulon.com

Niko Boulikas

is an expert in Information Technology. He has a critical mind in presenting our technology and he masters electronic data management including data on clinical studies and presentation of documents. Niko possesses also web designing skills. His recent achievement is the setting of a web program for electronic data capture on patients enrolled in Lipoplatin’s pivotal clinical trials.

E-mail: niko.boulikas@regulon.com

Description: Butenko Photo ChicagoButenko Alexander Borisovich

Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Head physician of the rehabilitation center in Moscow, Deputy General Director of Regulon in Russia.

A. Butenko has published 84 scientific works and 2 inventions in the field of clinical biochemistry and oncology. A. Butenko took part directly in the development of the efficacious treatment schemes for solid malignant tumor by using Lipoplatin in collaboration with the team of Regulon in Athens. A. Butenko has extensive clinical experience in the treatment of terminally ill cancer patients who were refused treatment in hospitals because of the advanced stage of their disease. Such patients include those with stomach, colon, pancreas, nervous system and lung cancers.

Deniz YÜCE, MD, Ph.D.

in Cancer Epidemiology. Deniz is a Specialist in Preventive Oncology and Instructor at Department of Preventive Oncology of Hacettepe University Cancer Institute.

Deniz received his Medical degree from Gazi University Faculty of Medicine in 2005 and his MSc in Cancer Epidemiology from Hacettepe University Cancer Institute, 
Department of Preventive Oncology 
in 2011. He then obtained his PhD from the Department of Epidemiology, Hacettepe University Public Health Institute  in 2012. He worked as Physician in Turkish Red Crescent, Ankara, TURKEY 
in 2005, as a Physician at the Emergency Department in Akay Private Hospital, Ankara, TURKEY in 2008, as Research Assistant in Hacettepe University in 2009, as a Specialist in Preventive Oncology in 2012 and as Medical Advisor in Regulon Inc. Turkey
since 2014. He is responsible for the treatment of cancer patients in Turkey in a number of different cancers with Lipoplatin, including breast, lung, ovarian, and others.


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